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I am proficient in the PHP, SQL, XHTML and CSS programming languages. I have multiple years of experience with all of these. I am experienced with the Twitter API and the WordPress plugin and theme development framework. If you're in need of a web developer or designer, please contact me with your project details.


Blankets by Judy

Full design and development. Development for Blankets by Judy included a custom "shopping cart" solution, including a user-friendly product management system. Programming in PHP with a MySQL database. Utilizes PayPal's APIs as a payment gateway. Design coded in XHTML and CSS.

Blankets by Judy

Twitter Follower

Full design and development. Twitter Follower was programmed in PHP with a MySQL database backend. Design was coded in XHTML and CSS.

Twitter Follower

Beyond the Rhetoric and Michael Kwan Freelance

Beyond the Rhetoric: Full design and WordPress theme. Design was coded in XHTML and CSS with a custom WordPress theme coded in PHP.

Michael Kwan Freelance: A modified version of Beyond the Rhetoric, created to produce consistent branding of Michael's business and blog.

Michael Kwan "Portal": A design taking its roots from Michael's aforementioned designs, serving as a portal to Michael's online presences.

Beyond the Rhetoric

Michael Kwan Freelance

Michael Kwan Portal